Wednesday, 23 January 2013



My love for biscuits inspired me to make this short film. I wanted to experiment
with a combination of styles like stop-motion, pixilation and explore animating
biscuits. It was fun to animate powdered biscuits......I enjoyed the spontaneity.
This film is about someone who loves eating biscuits and eating a biscuit takes her
through a journey of memories in her life associated with biscuits, sometimes
leading to fantastic thoughts. Her mind analyses the memories in the form of a
factory production line, but at the same time its processes and thoughts are pretty
organic rather than being completely mechanical.
I have chosen artificial lighting for the mindscape and natural lighting for the
scenes where the person is presently enjoying eating a biscuit. 
Animating biscuit powder, jam and colorful biscuit wrappers was loads of fun.
In fact, the sound for the film has been done entirely with biscuits and biscuit

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